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Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy with Dermapen® is perhaps one of the safest and most effective rejuvenating treatments available. During treatments, the Dermapen® device creates thousands of micro injuries via fractional delivery of sterile, surgical steel needles into the epidermis and dermis. Additionally, these micro-channels are opened for deep delivery of active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides and specific ingredients to correct irregularities in pigmentation.

After the Dermapen treatment, the skin begins its wound healing process almost immediately with a minimal inflammatory response. Growth factors are released, and both fibroblast proliferation and matrix production occur. Next, the body deposits collagen type III, IV and I, and elastin. Lastly, tissue remodeling results as the skin’s vascular matrix matures. The skin becomes tighter, thicker, and new collagen growth becomes evident.

Collagen Induction Therapy is a nearly painless, minimally invasive procedure that is extremely safe and has little down time. Virtually everyone can benefit from a series of Dermapen® treatments. Collagen Induction Therapy is an excellent alternative to Fractional Laser treatments, being far safer and with less downtime because it does not ablate or burn the epidermis to achieve results. This technology can address many concerns such as skin texture, hyper and hypo-pigmentation, photo aging and wrinkles, acne scarring, and tissue laxity. It can also improve the appearance of surgical scars on the body.

Not all Dermapen® treatments are the same. At Advanced Aesthetics our technicians have Master Level training. We use a medical depth Dermapen® protocol, only Dermapen Cosmeceuticals, and complete your session with a peptide mask containing Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery of active ingredients to soothe and diminish down time, reduce redness, and deeply hydrate the skin. A small kit of specifically designed after-care products is also included with the treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

Visit the Dermapen® web site at Dermapen World to learn more about collagen induction therapy using Dermapen®.

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Collagen Induction Therapy

Additional Services


1 to 6 Layers - $137
Chemical Peel Series (Three Treatments) - $350
Body Peel (Based on Consultation) - $100 to $200



Face and Neck - $325
Décolletté - $250
Series pricing available



Décolleté - Series of Four  - $1150
Full Face - Series of Four  - $1750
Eyes/Forehead - Series of Four  - $900
Neck - Series of Six  - $1600



Face and Neck - $350
Neck - $175
Décolleté - $300
Hands - $150


Multiple treatments, from 3 to 10
depending on skin type, are recommended.

Series pricing on any area buy 5, get 6th free.

Lip  -  $65
Chin  -  $85
Lip and Chin - $130
Side Burns -  $175
Neck Front - $125
Neck Back  -  $125
Brazillian - $200
Lower Leg - $225
Beard - $200
Underarms - $125
Bikini - $150