• PCA Intensive Age Refining Treatment

PCA Intensive Age Refining Treatment

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Intensive Age Refining Treatment .5% Pure Retinol is an intensive treatment providing dramatic results. Unlike Retin-A, which can cause redness, sensitivity, and chronic peeling, this serum uses pure Retinol, providing the same anti-aging benefits without the unpleasant side effects. In addition to Retinol, Lilac Stem Cells, Sodium Hyaluronate, Grape Seed Extract and Superoxide Dismutase have potent antioxidant and hydrating effects on the skin, encouraging cellular repair and healing.   Phenylethyl Resorcinol promotes an even skin tone, lightening stubborn hyperpigmentation. This serum should be applied at night. Sun protection should be used each morning, as any Retinol increases UV sensitivity.

Discontinue use 7 to 10 days before facial waxing.