• GM Collin A.G.E. Total Defense

GM Collin A.G.E. Total Defense

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A.G.E. Total Defense is my favorite product GM Collin makes. This hydrating moisturizer is appropriate for all skin types other than acne prone skin.  In very dry climates, this might not be emollient enough for alipidic skin (lacking oils); instead try Phyto Stem Cell + Cream. A.G.E Total Defense contains all the peptides one needs with the addition of eight of the most potent antioxidants available, including Scavenol NDGA which is five times more powerful than Idebenone.  Additionally this wonder cream contains White Birch Extract, which protects the skin from free radicals, Coenzyme Q10 to stimulate the skin’s metabolism and help repair and replace damaged tissue, and Melon Extract which is rich in minerals and neutralizes free radicals.