Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition; any skin type can suffer from hyperpigmentation. This condition is characterized by dark areas on the skin caused by an increase in melanin. Hyperpigmentation can result from over exposure to the sun, or from trauma to the skin such as injury or acne. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, birth control or hormone replacement, and even stress can result in a specific type of stubborn hyperpigmentation called Melasma. Disorders of the endocrine system may also result in the development of Melasma. Darker skin tones are generally much more prone to hyperpigmentation of all types and all hyperpigmentation is exacerbated by sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation requires the use of products that block the production of melanin at multiple levels. Some ingredients are skin lighteners, others block melanin synthesis, but when used in combination will provide the very best results. Any protocol for this skin condition should start with diligent application of effective physical sun protection products.

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