Dehydrated and dry skins are often confused with each other, which is why I have placed them in the same category. Dry skin is a skin type and dehydration is a skin condition.

Dry skin is a skin type that lacks both water (hydration) and lipids (lubrication), which make up the skins own protective barrier. As skin ages, it tends to become more dry and loses its ability to retain water, leading to more dehydration. Dry skin may feel tight and uncomfortable and may become easily irritated.

Dry skin requires the use of products that nourish, protect and stimulate while helping to normalize the protective hydro-lipid barrier.

Any skin type can suffer from dehydration. Dehydrated skin cannot properly absorb active ingredients, leading to few tangible results from treatments or products. Dehydrated skin may react with burning, redness and even blemishes.

Dehydrate skin requires products designed to bind water to the skin cells, preventing further dehydration through evaporation of water at the skin’s surface.

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