The Benefits of Dry Brushing

If the only dry brushing you engage in involves combing your hair when it’s void of moisture, it’s time to think outside the bathroom cabinet. Dry brushing actually has nothing to do with the hairs on your head; instead, it involves brushing your skin.

Sure, you may be thinking that you have enough to do already – your beauty routine is all filled up. And, until hygienic activities are automated, your regimen will stay jam-packed.

But, there are plenty of reasons to make room for dry brushing. Some of these include:

An increase in circulation

Circulation isn’t something we think about, at least not until we fall over because we stand up on a leg that’s fallen asleep. However, poor circulation can lead to another c word: cellulite. Dry brushing won’t eliminate cellulite entirely, but it will help by breaking down the toxins your skin harbors.

Stimulation of the lymph system

Dry brushing stimulates your lymph system, the system in your body responsible for removing fluid from tissue, transporting white blood cells, strengthening the immune system, and aiding the digestive system. Stimulating the lymphatic flow detoxifies the skin and rejuvenates its cells. 

Shedding of dead skin cells

Skin is full of dead cells (yes, even your skin). Dry brushing helps the skin shed these cells, which leaves your appearance glowing. It releases toxins – as mentioned above – and helps the body run like a better-oiled machine.

It invigorates your day

If you’re able to fit dry brushing into your mornings, you may find that it’s a great way to revitalize your day. It stimulates the skin’s nerve endings and pumps up the nervous system. This helps you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

It helps your skin absorb nutrients

Dry brushing helps eliminate clogged pores (chances are, some of yours are clogged). This allows your skin to absorb nutrients more readily. This absorption, naturally, comes with even more benefits, including healthier skin, younger looking skin, and skin with better elasticity.

So now that you know the benefits, how does dry brushing work? It’s simple; just take the following steps:

  • Work on dry skin (before bathing)
  • Use circular, upward motions and smooth strokes
  • Start at your feet
  • Avoid sore areas – any skin that is sunburnt, inflamed, or sensitive
  • Take a shower immediately afterwards – this helps wash away the dead skin cells

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and it demands a little TLC. Dry brushing is one of the easiest ways to give it the attention it deserves!

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons 0 License