• The Leah Nickie Advanced Aesthetics Team Picks Their Personal Favorites

    “When you start hitting the 50 age range, your priorities definitely change. You start noticing a little laxity along the jawline, deeper lines, texture changes, pigment popping here and there. As the owner of a busy aesthetics practice, a wife and a mother, I learned quickly to prioritize skincare and services that focus on collagen production. So, if I have to pick only one, it’s microneedling.”

    “Wait, you’re asking a skincare addict to pick my favorite?! … ok, it’s an Algo mask. The feeling of it is immensely relaxing and the quiet, while it does its magic, is a respite. And your face looks cushion-ey and bouncy when it’s done!”

    Dermaplaning. The gentle scraping away of the old surface skin cells somehow feels so strangely satisfying. I love the way my skin radiates and glows afterward.”

    “I had seriously the most amazing facial by Leah herself. I was able to completely detach myself from the reality of daily grind, and just be. She has the ability to allow one to disconnect from the outside and feel so relaxed, cared for, and pampered, all while reaping the benefit of having my skin feel better than it has ever felt.  All this plus a very reasonable and uncomplicated plan for upkeep! The peels are wonderful too as I deal with skin problems that many others also face... the dreaded melasma and more dreaded aging process. But facials are my favorite.”

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