• The Definitive Way to Moisturize Your Skin Properly for Maximum Results

    Think of moisturizing your skin as architecting skin support and an environmental shield -- which is even more critical during travel or when visiting places that are typically more polluted than Colorado. 

    1. What do you really want to accomplish and focus on? Dryness, Wrinkles, Rosacea? If you need help, this is one of our favorite topics -- schedule a consult with us.
    2. Cleansers can be the culprit of quite a few skin concerns -- mild is better, and use enough of it, meaning at least a dime size, and if you wear foundation and waterproof eye makeup, you probably need to double cleanse.
    3. Apply your skincare and sunscreen from light to dense formulation and let it soak in at least five minutes before applying any makeup. Do your teeth, toss the dishes in the dishwasher, but give it time to soak in and set.
    4. Do not neglect your neck and chest areas when applying moisturizers and facial oils. Is there extra product left on your hands? Apply to tops of ears and cuticles, backs of hands.
    5. Wash your hands frequently and be aware of how often you touch your face.

    That’s it. I know people who line their products up in order or use a sharpie to number them, so it’s super simple every AM/PM. Once you get into a routine, it’s effortless to stick with a healthy regimen that addresses your needs, and the results are always there after a few months -- just stick with it! 

    Also, consider a consultation with your facialist seasonally, (in person or via email) because shifts in weather can mean you might need to swap to either a lighter or heavier moisturizer.

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  • Five Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Stress

    We all know stress is hard on our bodies and minds in every way. It’s a new year; you’re ready to change up some habits. Time to make some simple changes to affect our stress-load. We did some research and found five things that have a positive impact and aren’t hard to access.


    1. Get real about your YESs and NOs. Full body yes? Great! Do it. Not so much? It’s a no.

    2. Plan ahead. Getting places, day-snacking, outfits. Take out some of the decision making and intensity of your day. We’ve started leaving 5 minutes early to get places. It gives you a chance to breathe, to notice, to arrive before you jump into what’s next, or to maneuver through the ever-growing Boulder traffic and still arrive on time.

    For day-snacking, we’ve been keeping healthy bars, baggies of mixed nuts, and an orange or apple in our handbags. Nutrition without sacrifice when we’re getting hangry. 

    Simplify your AM routine by sticking to a tight rendition of your personal style and only wearing things that make you feel great. The rest of it? Donate pieces to Dress for Success or the Disabled Veterans. Fewer choices, more time to breathe. And, no, your co-workers don’t remember what you wore this week, or last week, so push those variety excuses aside.

    3. Walking meetings. We’ve been making an effort to exchange at least one break-room phone call or co-worker meeting for a walk-n-talk version.

    4. Hydration. We live in a high desert. Your body and especially your skin (!) need water all day long. Plus, being dehydrated saps your energy and can make you feel falsely hungry. One of our favorite tricks to enjoy water more is to add a splash of bitters in them. We especially love Dram Apothecary and Cocktail Punk, or the good old-fashioned Angostura (most liquor stores now carry bitters).

    5. DIY Spa Night. Every Sunday, we’re each known to lock ourselves away in our bathrooms for about an hour to prep for the week ahead. Exfoliate, face mask, Dry Brush, deep conditioning hair mask, hot shower, body scrub on elbows and knees (Trader Joe’s makes a great lavender one!), shave, finish with a body-oil-body cream combo slathered generously everywhere, GM Collin Nutrivital rich cream mixed with 2 drops of Odacite oil for facial and neck skin.

    Cheers! Happiest New Year everyone.

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