• A Little Lip: Our Team’s Favorite Lip Coats for Summah + The 5 Things You Need to Know about Lip Care

    During summer months a great pair of sunnies, a slick of SPF, and a schmear of lippy are all you need to look pulled together -- fast. We’d rather spend time laughing with friends, dipping into the ocean or pool, or sipping an elixir than re-applying makeup in the heat. While we adore so many of the color trends for this summer: fuschia! coral! red tints! apricot! we each picked our go-to favorite lip combinations for summer to share with you.

    Leah: Odacité Aventurine Kiss lip serum with G.M. Collin Repair Lip Balm on top. When I’m hiking, on the mountain boarding or by the water, I always use Elta MD’s Lip Balm SPF 31. That’s it!

    Carey: Ok, first off, I get my lips microdermed every month to make sure they’re smooth! And my favorite lip hydrator/gloss in one is G.M. Collins Lip Plumping Complex in rose.

    Dr. Julie: I love, love Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip in Bahama Brown.

    Krissy: I am obsessed with Chanel Rouge Coco #119

    The 5 Things You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Lips

    1. Don’t touch or lick them -- doing so not only becomes a habit, once your hand leaves your lips and the saliva dries, they will feel drier than ever.
    2. Hydrate -- dry lips are a sure sign of dehydration
    3. Keep them hydrated overnight and during flights (oh hi there, GM Collin Repair Lip Balm -- sold out 3x already this year!)
    4. Use a mild lip scrub and/or have your lips exfoliated during your microdermabrasion treatments
    5. Do not let them burn! Not only is it painful, but it can also inflame the herpes virus and increase your chances of getting cancer. 
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