• Did you know your cells have an energy source and we can help you recharge it?

    Remember mitochondria from middle schools science? Our mitochondria provide power as adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a form of energy our cells use to grow and divide. ATP can be thought of as molecular currency because it is the only energy molecule the body can utilize.

    Over time, beginning in our 20s, oxidative damage adversely affects the mitochondrial membrane where youth-giving ATP is located and produced. By our 60’s our mitochondria’s ability to synthesize ATP is reduced to just half of what it produced in our youth. Since ATP synthesis is essential to our overall health as well as a youthful appearance, it is important to eat well and exercise.

    When it comes to aging skin--reduced ATP is near the top of the list of causes and increasing ATP synthesis is one of the hidden keys to “the fountain of youth.”

    For the facial area, there are two known and scientifically proven ways to reinvigorate and recharge your cell energy, and we have both of these remarkable innovations available:

    1. LED Light Therapy: it works by delivering energy-packed beams of light into the dermis layer of the skin, energizing the cells responsible for collagen and elastin production. In turn, it builds up collagen in the dermis layer, plumping up aging skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red Light LED stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives skin its youthful, plump look while Infrared Light penetrates deeper and provides a firming effect.

    2. Microcurrent Lifting: this uses tiny electric currents to gently stimulate the muscles of the face while increasing blood circulation, lymphatic flow, collagen, and elastin production. It targets face and neck muscles and tightens and tones the facial contours.

    We also offer a highly effective combination of LED therapy and microcurrent lifting, which combines the benefits of both procedures for incredible results.

    All LED and microcurrent treatments are painless, relaxing, have no downtime, and are safe for nearly everyone. We recommend using them in a series for optimal results. We believe they are beneficial to just about everyone!

    It can be hard to believe that these technologies are so effective since most of the time clients fall asleep during the process! However, if you ask any of our clients (or us) who get these treatments regularly, they are the closest thing we have to an anti-aging miracle.

    Questions? Let us know.

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