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  • All About Retinol: The Absolute Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Product You Can Use

    What is the one thing that effectively increases collages, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, fights acne, and evens out skin tone? Yep, Retinol.

    If you know Leah, then you know this already! But what’s new is how many ways you can get retinol into your skincare routine.

    What you need to know about retinol and your choices:

    • All retinol is a Vitamin A derivative
    • Prescription strength is still the strongest/most potent
      • But!
        • These include tretinoin (sold under brand names like Retin-A, Atralin, and Renova) and tazarotene (Tazorac) and adapalene (Differin), which the Food and Drug Administration approved in 2016 to be sold without a prescription.
        • You can get the same results with these, it simply takes longer due to potency
    • Irritation can happen
      • We advise you stair-step this into your regimen and always use it as your PM skincare base so it has close contact with skin and doesn’t have to get “through” any other products to do its job
      • Use a pea-sized amount ( unless your skin care professional directs you to use more)  2x/week at night to start
      • after 2 weeks, increase 3x/week
      • after 2 more weeks (5-6 weeks total), try every other night on bare, clean skin
      • After 2 additional weeks, apply every night
      • Reduce frequency if irritation occurs
        • Redness and irritation do not equal “it’s working harder”
        • If you are struggling, ask your skin care professional to help; there are ways to “buffer” the strength of Retinol at home but you get some guidance!
    • Using Retinols in your 20s is the right time to start, if you’re over age 20, start now.
    • Pregnant or nursing? Do NOT use.
    • Using only one form is recommended. So, if it’s prescribed, plus you have it in your face oil, and you have it in a serum -- that’s too much. You won’t get better results. The key is to use the form that has the potency you need to reach your goals and in a form you will use consistently.
    • Not sure? That’s what we’re here for! Ask us anything on social or bring it up at your next facial.

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