Is Smoking Pot Bad for Your Skin in the Way Cigarettes Are?

While CBD is now in skincare, lippy, mascara and more things every day -- what effect does smoking weed have on your skin?

Smoking weed has no known benefits to skin as of February 2019. Yes, we know CBD does not have THC and is not the same as 'weed' but what we wanted to find out was if there were documented effects (good or bad) from smoking pot.

Unlike topical CBD you are still smoking. According to dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group  which Dr. Nazarian said,

"Cannabis has reports of causing a constriction of blood vessels with consumption or smoking, which would make it harmful for skin by decreasing blood flow, killing off skin cells, and even forming ulcers." On the flip side, Dr. Nazarian says she is a big fan of topical CBD and prescribes it to patients with burns, eczema, and poison ivy. (via PopSugar)

If you are in a state where marijuana is legal, and you prefer or require ‘flower’ (weed sold as green-ish dried flowers vs. an edible, tincture or another form), it is reliably better to ‘smoke’ through an electronic vaporizer (like a PAX) to nearly eliminate the harmful side effects associated with smoking a burning joint -- which are very similar to cigarettes. The main difference is that you are vaporizing the weed versus combusting it at higher temperatures.

Essentially, just like smoking, regular use of joints can lead to increased lip lines and some carcinogens entering your body -- although fewer than smoking a cigarette. Generally speaking, cigarette smokers are smoking and puffing, more per day than someone using legal or medical marijuana which would decrease negative side effects for your skin including wrinkles, dryness, and restricted circulation.

There isn’t a lot of science available on this but more is coming. From what we’ve read, we are proponents of vaporizers if you are going to ‘smoke’ flower legally. With excellent skincare, internal hydration, and a healthy diet, we believe the effects are minimal if you are using a vape to dispense your legal marijuana.


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