Do Face Mists Really Do Anything?

Yes, if you choose wisely, facial mists can improve your skin’s hydration and soften skin for up to six hours according to a Skin Research & Technology study. The Study also showed that the half-a-micrometer mists penetrated cells the best.

Some people call face mists the best “two-second hack” you can add to your routine -- easy to use, big benefit.

Beyond that, clients tell us there are three top reasons to use them.

  1. Keep one in the fridge and mist when you’re over-heated or feel flushed.
  2. Keep one at your desk, and mist (even over makeup) when you’re hella stressed. It’s a beautiful feeling and encourages you to b r e a t h e.
  3. One of our clients decants her GM Collin Hydramucine Treating Mist into a tiny sprayer (re-purposed vessel) and never flies on a plane without it, having noticed the considerable difference in her pallor without it.
Much like essences (popularized in Asia), facial oils and micellar water, face mists are an underrated product in the world of skin care. While many people wrongly assume a face mist is just overpriced scented water, a quality mist is actually much more than that if you choose the right kind.

Facial mists are a versatile beauty essential that fight dryness, brighten a dull complexion, and help revitalize tired skin. Plus, they work with every skin type.

“A facial mist can be refreshing and hydrating to the skin. It’s especially useful for those who have sensitive or extremely dry skin, travel frequently or live in dry climates,” says Dr. Kally Papantoniou, a New York-based cosmetic dermatologist.

“Face mists that don’t just have water, but also ingredients that promote hydration and water retention work best,” says Dr. Papantoniou.

Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the right facial mist:

For Dry Skin: Look for mists that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and squalane. These ingredients boost hydration and plump skin cells. “They also help to hold in moisture and heal the damaged skin barrier,”

For Normal or Combination Skin: “Normal and combination skin can get away with using more varied ingredients, a balanced mist that contains hyaluronic acid, rose water, and essential oils, if desired, would work well,” notes Dr. Papantoniou.

For Oily or Acne-Prone Skin: “Face mists that are oil and silicone free should be used to prevent clogged pores and oil build-up,” says Dr. Papantoniou. Rose water and aloe-based mists can be very effective in reducing inflammation and soothing acne-prone skin. “Face mists rich in antioxidants such as green tea are also helpful in reducing inflammation associated with acne,” she adds.

For Sensitive Skin: Pick a face mist with a basic, hydrating formula that’s gentle on your skin.

For Fighting Signs of Aging: Facial sprays that contain ingredients like tea extract, Vitamins C and E, pomegranate extract, alpha, and beta hydroxy acids and grapeseed extract are great options.

We have personally tested, recommend, and carry:
Odacité Hydra-Purifying Mist $42
  • Purpose: Hydrate & purify oily, acne-prone skin
  • This clearing facial mist is a very effective and innovative way to infuse your skin with purifying actives while offering sufficient oil-free hydration.
  • Each tiny drop of this divinely scented mist is formulated to care for oily, breakout-prone skin and promote a fresh, clear appearance.
  • Rich in a compound similar to salicylic acid, Willow Bark helps to visibly clarify the look of pimple-prone skin as it deeply purifies and minimizes the appearance of pores. Aloe Vera infuses the skin with optimum hydration while Green Tea extract delivers powerful antioxidants.
  • Peppermint is a powerful ally that helps to remove excess oil and reduce dullness.
  • This mist instantly brings back comfort and glow to the skin.

GM Collin Mists to address various concerns including sensitive, moisture, and purifying. $38

For sensitive skin of all types.

  • A fragrance and alcohol-free moisturizing mist that provides a superior soothing effect.
  • Treats sensitive skin, thanks to its magical formula composed of honey and aloe vera extracts.
For dehydrated skin of all types.
  • A toning mist that restores cutaneous hydration and allows the skin to protect itself against dehydrating conditions better.
  • Contains botanical and natural extracts.
  • Leaves the skin feeling refreshed with an immediate sensation of comfort.
For normal to oily skin.
  • A purifying, hydrating, and mattifying mist that minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • Soothes and purifies the skin.


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