Choosing the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Type

With all the facial cleansers on the market, it’s easy to be confused about which is right for you. We recommend to our clients that they put as much thought into their cleansers as they do their moisturizers, serums, and anti-aging products. Not all cleansers are created equally, and you should consider your skin type when selecting one. Here are some tips we give to our clients:

Dry Skin

When it comes to your face, forget what you’ve ever heard about being “squeaky clean!” If your skin feels tight, dry, or squeaky after you’re done cleansing, you’re drying your skin out and likely need a creamier cleanser. A good rule of thumb for those with dry or sensitive skin is to avoid any cleansers with harsh detergents or soap, followed by a rich moisturizer.

Cream- or milk-based cleansers, which contain higher concentrations of oils, water, and emollients, soothe and refresh skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Cream cleansers like Sensiderm Cleansing Milk, which also contains avocado, olive, and fig extract, are also ideal for dry skin because they don’t require rinsing, which can strip the skin, as well—simply wipe them off with a cotton ball.

Oily/Acne Prone Skin

If your skin still feels slick or oily after cleansing, we recommend using a mild cleansing gel that purify, soothe, and detoxify. Oxygen Puractive + Mild Cleansing Gel works well for clients with normal to oily skin that tends to get shiny, as it is naturally mattifying and formulated with plant extracts that reduce oil, increase hydration, encourage healing, and reduce inflammation.

Another remarkable product we recommend to our clients with oily skin, blackheads, or acne is GM Collin Deep Cleansing Solution. This product can be used daily or even several times a week for oily/acne prone skin. It has shown to be as effective as Benzoyl Peroxide without causing any irritation. Sage, geranium, and orange oil reduce oil and bacteria, and the healing properties of arnica, burdock, and nettle work to calm sensitive skin.

Combination Skin

The skin type we see the most frequently is a mix of dry and oily, also known as combination skin. This type of skin responds best to a gel cleanser in more humid months and a creamy cleanser in the winter when skin tends to be more sensitive.

One of our best-selling products, Oxygen PurActive Mild Cleansing Gel, is appropriate for all skin types—dry, sensitive, dehydrated, and combination. It contains essential oils that gently detoxify the skin and probiotics that prevent the spread of bacteria. It is particularly beneficial for those with acne-prone, sensitive, or dehydrated skin.

No matter your skin type, making sure to incorporate a gentle cleanser into your morning and evening skin care regimen is essential for a healthy complexion. Using the wrong cleanser can lead to unwanted results, so it’s imperative that you consult with a skin care specialist to select a cleanser that is tailored to your particular skin type. Schedule your consultation with us today, and let our team help you create a customized plan that will help your skin look its best.

Feature photo via Pexels